Friday, November 14, 2008

The Voting Entry, Two Weeks Late....

I was a good girl on election day, and I voted on every part of the ballot. Even the judges. Even the state questions. I researched everything on the ballot and marked it down in my sample ballot and took it to the polls with me. I won't really talk about much of it, but I will say that Jon Porter's ads were what pushed me to vote for Dina Titus. Her ads were all "my opponent has silly ideas that won't work. Here are my ideas that will work." and his ads were all "ZOMG YOU GUYS!! DINA TITUS EATS BABIES!!1!" Umm... what she does in her free time is not what I'm voting for, and I strongly doubt she did the terrible horrible things she was accused of. (which weren't even all that bad IMO) But really, Jon Porter gave me no reason why I should vote for him, Dina Titus did. I pushed the Dina Titus button on November 4. I also looked at all the judgey type folks on the ballot, and voted against all those who said they'd make court more efficient and get everything done by lunchtime. I'm of the opinion that justice takes time, and that everyone involved deserves to present their best case, and sometimes that will take a really long time; but it needs to, so bad people will get in trouble and good people will remain free.

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