Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stuff I've Learned

1. Don't hate yourself. If you're "ugly" (you're not,) if you're gay, if you're slow to learn, if you're hopelessly geeky, if you're a flake, if you're awkward; it doesn't matter.
2. Don't make excuses. Either make it better or accept it as it is.
3. You can do anything with hard work and determination. I seriously only learned this in the last year. I'm not telling you that you can solo with the symphony, but you can probably make a living playing violin if you devote the time and heart to learning.
4. You're never too old/too fat/too naive. Just give it a shot and believe in yourself.
5. Keep a playful spirit. My parents are the happiest adults I know, because they dance when they feel like dancing, they laugh with their whole being.
6. Don't waste time on shame. See number two for the reason.
7. Apologize. If there's even a chance you were wrong, an apology can reopen a closed heart.
8. Trust your heart, it's usually right. (thanks Jenny)
9. Speak your mind. Don't hold your thoughts back for fear of a bad reaction.
10. Kindness and grace go a long way.