Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Am Uniquely Ill-Suited For Customer Service

I stutter or stall, and that really pisses people off.
I have a naturally frowny face.
My mind drifts at weird times.
I'm not great with conversations.
I'm allergic to 80% of perfumes and colognes, and OMG I can't breathe allergic to 20% of those.
I have bad breath from throat stuff. I will ignore any anti-gum rules.
I'm a horrible salesperson.
I'm a horrible liar.
I snap when I'm frustrated or tired.
I can't flirt.
I hate empty conversations, and I'm not good at them.
I have difficulty sustaining eye contact.
I have huge personal boundaries.
I can't wear or even handle synthetic or rough fabrics. It's the exact same reaction as nails on a chalkboard.
Once I set upon a course of action I have a really hard time deviating from it.